Welcome to my blog - the place where I express my thoughts and views on urbanism and the built environment. I am passionate about creating a great place to live, and my style can be defined as "traditional urbanist" - I often argue for the traditional city style - walkable, compact, mixed-use, with narrow streets. I would like to thank all of my readers for the outstanding response. I am currently working on a book that collects together the ideas from this blog.

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This video from Another Place For Me is a beautiful summary of my beliefs;


  • Edward Erfurt - 2013-04-24 04:49:41
    I am challenged by your characterization of New Urbanism. Bad urbanism is bad urbanism, whether it is sprawl or a charactacture of something great.

    I ecourage you to continue to hold the New Urbanists to a higher standard. We need people to look past the simple successes, and point out where they have lost the tradition.

    Secondly, I challenge you to read the Charter of the New Urbanism. I think you will see that many practicing urbanists and developers working under the flag of New Urbanism, are not following the Charter.

    Urbanism is rich, and people want to thrive in human scale environments. As you point out, we use a one size fits approach in placemaking. We also think that the car is a required component in new development. Continue to highlight the mistakes and false assumptions.

    There are great projects like that begin to remove the car from the equation of placemaking.


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